Rafa Benitez blissfully ignorant of what’s he’s let himself in for

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Rafa Benitez is still ‘blissfully ignorant’ of what he’s let himself in for after signing to manage Newcastle.

The former Liverpool and Inter Milan manager was promised top flight football and a first rate team by Newcastle management, and apparently still believes it.

Benitez, who is the only manager ever to win the UEFA Cup, Champions League and World Cup, was told Newcastle’s silverware was away for cleaning and totally bought it.

The new manager is reported to have accepted the job after being told that managing Jonjo Shelvey would be a noticeable step change from managing Joe Cole, and he didn’t ask in which direction.

The team have been at pains to reassure Benitez their fans will be at least as friendly as they were at Chelsea.

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At time of writing Benitez is understood to have asked for recordings of the team’s last few matches to study, leading to chairman Mike Ashley looking at his watch and announcing he has an urgent appointment elsewhere.