Saying racist things not racist, say racists

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Racists have claimed that making unashamedly racist statements is definitely not racist, and anyone who accuses them of being racist is a racist.

Referring to all refugees as criminals, scroungers and jihadis is the highest form of patriotism and anyone objecting to the use of such language deserves to be hanged, according to non-racist Simon Williams.

“Lefties shout ‘racist’ to try to stifle the debate about which pest migrants most resemble,” he said.

“Describing migrants as cockroaches or vermin is no more racist than setting fire to the bins outside a mosque.

“And everyone knows that mosques aren’t a race, they’re a building so it can’t be racist.”

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Mr Williams went on to highlight the numerous attacks he has suffered at the hands of people who don’t share his views.

“I suffer constant attacks because I’m not afraid to say what I think,” he said.

“The other day I went on the Guardian website to point out that decent dinosaurs weren’t wiped out by an asteroid but by EU freedom of movement rules that led to an intolerable strain being placed on their infrastructure by Eastern European cavemen.

“My post was deleted by a moderator because it didn’t abide by their community standards.

“I just don’t feel safe anymore.”