Steve McClaren already on lookout for new accent

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Following his sacking by Newcastle United, Steve McClaren has revealed he is already on the lookout for a challenging new accent opportunity.

The former star of ‘Allo ‘Allo insisted that his track record of adapting to different languages speaks for itself.

“I can move effortlessly from one accent to another and that allows me to communicate effectively with players from anywhere in the world,” he explained.

“During mein time at Volfsburg und at F She Twente ik demonshtrated a shkillful shoccer philoshophy.

“See, German to Dutch in the same sentence. It’s easy!”

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McClaren insists he harbours no ill feelings towards Newcastle despite the way his sacking was handled.

“Nee, I divvin’ see the point in havin’ a radgie aboot it,” he said.

“I sincerely hope they’re not gannin’ doon.”

The former England boss said he was unsure about where his future lies but said he had already received an offer from France.

“I’ve been having French lessons from Joey Barton and zee zought of managing in Francais iz make me, ‘ow you say, very ‘appy,” he said.