Kim Kardashian Expected to be a Mare at the Cheltenham Races

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Just a day away from the Cheltenham races and the anticipation as to who we will see at the races is mounting.

Amongst the jockeys and upper crust of society we are expected to be spotting a few celebrities in the mix.

Matthew Broderick, husband of Sarah Jessica Parker and known for his love of a good mare is expected to be appearing in full regalia, making his rounds in the stables.

Perhaps the most anticipated celebrities to be attending the prestigious Cheltenham Festival is Kim Kardashian. With Kris Kardashian and Kendall Jenner styling it up in Rome, Kim is rumoured to be flying over to England with daughter North this weekend to attend the races.

However, as we all know, Kim K can at times be a right mare. So in order to help you spot the mare from the queen of selfies, here are the 6 times that Kim K has looked a little horse:

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Kim K Horse Cover Image

Kim K Mare Laugh

Kim K Long Pony

Kim K Paper Mag Cover

Kim K Selfie kim 7

Kim K Mane