Condemnation for grown man who used string of emojis on Facebook

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A grown man has been condemned in the strongest possible terms for using a string of emojis in a Facebook post like he’s some sort of teenage girl.

Simon Williams, 44, of Chelmsford posted earlier today that he ‘was looking forward to birthday fun this weekend.’ He then followed the sentence with a string of emojis including a birthday cake, a part popper and others that should really incomprehensible to anyone over the age of 13.

“Well, my first thought was that Si was grooming someone,” said a friend of Mr Williams.

“I mean, emojis? They’re for teenage girls aren’t they?

“And Mums who genuinely think they’re ‘best friends’ with their daughters, I suppose. But mainly teenage girls.

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“However, I thought about it and came to the conclusion that Si isn’t a paedophile, he’s just a tosser, and then I immediately defriended him.”

Friends and family joined the chorus of criticism calling Mr Williams ‘twat,’ ‘prick,’ and ‘embarrassing loser.’

However, Mr Williams has issued a strong defence.

“No, I’m definitely not a tosser,” he claimed, a little unconvincingly.

“I just saw my daughter had used all these little pictures when she sent me a text, and I thought that if I used them then I’d look really with-it.”

It is understood that Mr Williams’ wife is filing for divorce and the court has pre-emptively found in her favour.