International Women’s day not sexy enough, say men

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Men across the globe have condemned International Women’s Day for it’s large unsexy nature.

“Look, I’m all in favour of women,” said man Simon Williams.

“I mean, my mum was one, my girlfriend’s one, they’re pretty much brilliant.

“But I’d have thought that if we’re going to have an international day for them it should just be a bit more sexy is all. Because, you know, women are quite sexy. Except Mum, obviously.”

International Women’s day was created to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements all over the globe.

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“Yeah, which is a good thing,” continued Mr Williams.

“I mean, I’m all in favour of celebrating social achievements of women across the globe and that, but aren’t we missing out on women’s sexy achievements like topless darts, crop tops and Kim Kardashian?”

The most popular suggestion from men to improve International Women’s day was to introduce a bikini round.

“Yeah, I mean that’s a brilliant idea. You could have the girls come on stage and say what social achievement they’ve done and men would be tricked into being interested by the bikinis.

“Keep it classy, you know, no topless. Or if you wanted to go topless then do it with arty lighting. That would definitely improve things.”

A spokesperson for Malala Yousafzai said she would be not be commenting on the prospect of an International Women’s Day bikini round.