Anger as run of International Men’s Days ends once again at 364

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Men everywhere are furious that the unbeaten run of 364 consecutive International Men’s Days has once again failed to pass the 400 mark.

With March 8th officially designated as International Women’s Day, men have again become frustrated that their unbeaten run has come to an end.

Man Simon Williams told us, “You realise we start again at zero tomorrow, right?

“Building up an innings like this isn’t easy, we have to take each day of male privilege as it comes and hope we can first get to 50, then push on slowly towards our century.

“You never know when an International Women’s Day is going to come along and bowl a googly to send you back to the pavilion.

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“Well, not unless you take a cursory look at a calendar, obviously.”

However, man, Carl Smith, said he was quite happy at the result, telling us, “I got 1000-1 on International Men’s Days reaching 500 not out, but I cashed out yesterday so I’m quids in.

“I might even buy the little lady at home some flowers and a box of chocolates on the way home.

“She’d like that.”