One Direction breakup blamed on disagreements over EU referendum

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The hiatus and possible breakup of One Direction is due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ over Brexit, sources close to the group have confirmed.

The situation is being compared to the breakup of the Beatles over Common Market entry forty years ago.

The popular boyband are reported to be entirely focused on the forthcoming referendum and unable to perform until the matter is resolved due to blazing rows in the studio over which way the vote should go.

Gossip columnists suggest the group have been split down the middle since Zayn Malik left, with Louis and Niall preferring to be out, and Harry and Liam voting to stay in.

“Louis and Niall are very concerned about downward pressure on wages in a single market and the erosion of democracy engendered by the Eurozone,” gossip insider Simon Williams told us.

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“On the other hand, Liam’s convinced of the importance of the free movement of labour and capital within a coherent political union, whilst Harry had a fling with Angela Merkel six months ago.

“They’ve been at daggers drawn ever since Zayn left and was no longer there to keep the peace. The only time they ever speak at all now is to shout at each other about Schengen and the divisions amongst the EPP group in Brussels.”

Describing the situation as tragic, sources close to the band hope the vote will help heal very deep wounds so they can get back to lip synching and pulling groupies.