No more Northern Lights in event of Brexit, insists ‘In’ campaign

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EU ‘In’ campaigners have warned that if we leave the EU then we could lose all rights to the spectacular Northern Lights that have bathed the North of England and Scotland this weekend.

“The Northern Lights are just one of the numerous benefits of being in the EU,” said Prime Minister David Cameron.

“Now, I’m not saying that if we left the EU then we, as a country, would no longer be able to view them, but the fact is that we just don’t know.

“Both Sweden and Denmark have the Northern Lights and are full EU members, therefore any future renegotiation regarding the Northern Lights would put us in a diminished position that could see us lose all rights to them.”

But the Brexit campaign have cried ‘foul’ over the PM’s claims.

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“This is more blatant scaremongering from the ‘In’ campaign,” said leading ‘Out’ campaigner Boris Johnson.

“Alaska, Iceland, and Russia all have ready access to the Northern Lights, except they call them the Aurora Borealis.

“So, if anything, leaving the EU could put us in a considerably stronger position with regard to the Northern Lights as we would no longer have to share them with other EU countries.”

This is expected to be just the start of a Brexit/celestial phenomena debate that could take in rainbows, meteor showers and those big moons you sometimes see.

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