Manchester United fans to watch 1999 season instead

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Manchester United supporters are just going to ignore the rest of the season and cover themselves in past glories instead.

Following the team’s loss to West Bromwich Albion, the Manchester United Fan Club has decided to pack in the idea of the club’s future and just watch the treble-winning season on a loop.

“Yep, bollocks to the present,” confirmed United fan, Simon Williams.

“The best way to support a club is to only support them when they’re winning. That’s how Manchester United has always worked anyway.

“So we’re all going to sit in a darkened room and watch Ole Gunnar Solskjaer do his thing. That kid really was the future for a while, until it turned out he wasn’t really.

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“I’m really looking forward to watching us win the Champions League. I remember I got my first hand job that night, so I’m hoping the wife will make the same effort.”

Williams’ wife said, “I bloody wish it was 1998. I hadn’t met him at that point.”