Kim Kardashian’s minge permanently etched onto public consciousness

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Kim Kardashian’s vagina is never leaving your mind, according to reports today.

The 35 year-old reality star posted a naked photograph on Twitter while claiming she had nothing to wear, despite having her own fashion line, several wardrobes full of designer clothes, and more money than God.

“It’s there when I close my eyes,” said a haunted-looking Twitter user Simon Williams.

“There’s nothing really wrong it; it’s a handsome vagina, as much as such a thing can be handsome. It’s just the fact it’s hers that makes it awful.

“I can’t really describe why it’s made me sick in my mouth, maybe it’s just the absolutely desperate level of attention-seeking, maybe it’s the fact that she’s so much richer than me…or it might just be the fact I know that Kanye West has been in there a few times. That may have tainted it.”

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Kardashian’s vagina has impacted the public to such a scale that it has “broken the internet”, despite the fact you managed to read this story having seen it pop up on Facebook first.

“Vagina,” stammered Williams.