Katie Hopkins blames Jews for coming on to Hitler

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Katie Hopkins has used her Daily Mail column to defend Hitler, claiming the Jews knew what they were doing when they came on to the Führer of Nazi Germany.

Hopkins told ‘readers’ of her column that the Jews weren’t children – well most of them weren’t – and so should be held accountable for their actions in provoking the Nazi dictator.

Hopkins wrote, “Oh sure, the history books will be full of ‘holocaust this’, ‘genocide that’, but they seem to overlook the fact that the Jews were grown adults capable of choosing whether or not to be in the same place as Hitler.

“By the time I was old enough to be a Jew in Nazi German in the early 1940s I knew not to hang around near Hitler, so why didn’t they?

“It’s because they thought it would be cool to bag a Nazi leader as an enemy so they could brag to all their friends, that’s why.”

Critics took to Twitter in their droves to call Hopkins’ stance ‘shameful’, only for her to absorb the mass of hate sent in her direction and mutate in an ever more powerful form.

She finished by tweeting, “Next week I’ll be asking why God is only letting ebola kill black people – what does He know that we don’t? – and I’ll be deciding once and for all which is the most delicious  breed of puppy.”