Phwoar! Rupert Murdoch’s exclusive on wife’s saucy wedding night sex romp

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Rupert Murdoch has revealed his new wife Jerry is a proper goer in the sack in another balls-deep exposé.

Murdoch’s popular weekend shit-rag details how the happy couple enjoyed hour upon hour of hot sizzling sex capers after being assisted into bed.

And the 84 year-old Australian says it’s the first time in years he’s been kept up all night long by something other than his prostate.

According to Murdoch, curvy stunna Jerry Hall, 59, dropped her knickers quicker than you can hack into a dead girl’s voicemail.

However due to “old man’s problems”, the new Mrs Murdoch had to wait a full forty-five minutes before experiencing press intrusion.

In time-honoured fashion, the paper tells how Murdoch kept his new wife satisfied before treating her to a scarcely-credible sensational splash.

During the sleazy five hour sex romp marathon, Murdoch paused only once to charge up the battery on his pacemaker.

Journalist, Simon Williams, said, “The raunchy, former actress looked as though she was loving every minute of it, repeatedly asking Rupert to ‘talk money to me’.”

Although the paparazzi were granted only limited access to the marital bed, The Sun on Sunday is believed to have exclusive rights to the dust-ridden money shot.