Taxpayers queuing up to try Facebook’s ‘pay what you think is fair’ tax model

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Taxpayers across the country have insisted that ‘paying how much tax you think is fair’ sounds like a great way to run the economy.

As Facebook announced plans to pay ‘a bit more’ in corporation tax over the next two years, shop fitter Simon Williams of Doncaster said he plans to pay £2,420 in income tax over the same period.

Williams explained, “Let’s not get bogged down in details such as how much money I’m actually making, or how I made it, let’s focus on the fact that I’ve listened to the Chancellor and I’m telling him right now I’m going to pay some tax in two years time.

“He might as well knock that amount off the fiscal deficit right now.”

Tax accountant Mike Bakewell told us, “I admire the stance taken by Facebook, and I only wish more corporate entities agreed to pay amounts of tax they’ve arbitrarily announced as ‘fair’. It would make my job a lot easier for a start.

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“Maybe this is a turning point and the corporations are finally becoming socially responsible businesses? What? Why are you all laughing at me?”

The move has been welcomed by the Chancellor George Osborne as it means he doesn’t have to do anything.

Facebook released a statement on their tax plans, announcing: “We have listened to our users – mainly as they screamed obscenities at us on our comment threads – and Facebook would like to go on record as saying we will be paying some tax for the next two years.

“So can you all move along now and click on some more ads.”