Stephen Fry slammed for referring to Daily Mail as a newspaper without using inverted commas

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Stephen Fry caused outrage yesterday when he referred to the Daily Mail as a newspaper without using inverted commas.

Stephen Fry fan Simon Williams was baffled, telling us “Well, I don’t know what to think.

“I mean, everyone knows that the Daily Mail is a ‘newspaper,’ as opposed to a newspaper. I can’t imagine what Stephen was thinking.”

After the initial outrage had died down, it was assumed that it was just a simple error as no grown-up would consider the Daily Mail a newspaper in any meaningful sense of the word, and to refer to it without the use of inverted commas could only be an oversight.

Ironically the slip came after the Daily Mail referred to Mr Fry’s husband as his ‘husband’ with inverted commas carefully placed to make it clear that the ‘newspaper’ is actually a grotesque, bigoted, homophobic throwback to an idealised 1950s Britain of unquestioning Tory voters quietly doing what they’re told by their betters.

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Sadly, the ‘people’ who read the ‘article’ almost certainly ‘thought’ that the use of inverted commas was acceptable and the ‘journalist’ can be expected to do the same thing again.