Woman who received tweet from Will.I.Am determined to not let it change her

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A woman who received a tweet from Will.I.Am has vowed to remain grounded and to not let it changed.

Eleanor Gay received the tweet yesterday whilst playing Candy Crush in the toilets of Hadley and Kemp finances in Chelmsford where she works as a claim processor.

“It was amazing,” she confirmed.

“I mean, I ignored it at first because I just got one of those cookies next to a stripe, but then I checked and, I couldn’t believe it, it was a tweet from Will.I.Am.

“I’ve still got it, it says ‘Hey thanks El. Peace.’ I couldn’t believe it.

“Twenty minutes later, when I got back to my desk, I told everyone, and they couldn’t believe it either.”

Will.I.Am is a musician, rapper, entrepreneur, and plays in a forward midfield position for Chelsea. He is a prolific tweeter with over 13 million followers.

“The important thing though, I think is to remain true to who I am. I mean, yes, I did receive a tweet from Will.I.Am, but I’m still the same girl from Chelmsford.

“I mean, I don’t want my friends and family to treat me any different, you know? But I suppose I’ll have to accept that I might start to drift away from some friends, you know, the ones who haven’t got a tweet from Will.I.Am.”

Ms Gay is currently awaiting complimentary tickets to the VIP area of ‘Dukes’ nightclub as befits her new status.