Sam Smith becomes first openly gay man to visit local gymnasium

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Sam Smith has made important strides for the LGBT community this morning by being the first openly gay man to visit a nearby gymnasium.

The move comes days after Smith became the first openly gay man to receive an Academy Award apart from Elton John, Sir Ian McKellen and around fifty others.

Smith hopes the decision will make it easier for gay men to operate in a world that was hitherto the preserve of rough and ready hetero tigers and builders.

Upon entering the gym, Smith said, “I just want everyone here to know that I’m gay and that’s cool and if anyone else is – that’s ok too.”

Smith admitted he wanted to shine some light on the issue of gays not visiting gyms “because of who I am.”

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“People will see me doing twenty bench presses followed by five reps of squat thrusts and think ‘being gay shouldn’t prevent me from doing that’.”

Smith went on, “I’m sure there were other gays there, but they weren’t being open about it. That’s an important difference.”

However nearby gay man Simon Williams said, “I’ve been here since around 6.30 am this morning and in that time I’ve got three phone numbers.”

Smith added, “Ok, so I’m the second openly gay man to visit this gymnasium.

“Or maybe the fourth.

“Three other guys? That’s disgusting. What is it with you lot?”