Inquest into Jimmy Savile’s friendship with Royals and Tories ‘probably coming soon’

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The inquest into Jimmy Savile’s friendships with senior Royals and Tories remains on the Government’s to-do list it was confirmed last night.

“Hmm, yes, we’ll probably get to that at some point, I’m sure,” said a Government official.

“But I think the important thing to remember here is that the BBC is awful. I mean, yes, Savile did have a long-standing friendship with Prince Charles, the Thatchers, and numerous prominent Tories.

“But what we’d definitely prefer to focus on is how awful the BBC is.”

Dame Janet Smith’s recent enquiry focussed solely on Savile’s behaviour within the BBC, leading many to question why there has been no substantial report into how Savile managed to ingratiate himself into the highest levels of government and royalty.

“Well, what you do have to remember is that the BBC was at fault for a lot of this; who let Savile present all those episodes of Top of the Pops? The BBC. Who gave Savile numerous honours including a knighthood? The BBC. Who gave him the keys to Broadmoor prison? The BBC.

“Where did Savile spend eleven New Year’s Eve celebrations? Well, yes, granted, it was at the Thatchers’ house when she was Prime Mime Minister. But they were almost certainly watching something on the BBC.

“So really, even that’s the BBC’s fault.

“I mean, some of that may not be entirely accurate, but that’s what enquiries are for. Which we’ll get round to at some point.