Falling meteor results in fresh Daniel Sturridge injury

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Luckless Liverpool striker, Daniel Sturridge, is set to be sidelined for another six-week due to a rare meteor sighting in Scotland.

As bright flashes were reported in the skies above Britain, the injury prone player dropped to the ground clutching his hamstring.

The badly-timed object broke up over the Highland region of Scotland, where Sturridge somehow managed to end up after exiting the Birkenhead tunnel.

Liverpool FC Physio, Simon Williams, said, “It’s far from conclusive, but it looks to be a direct impact from a partially burnt-up remnant of the early solar system.

“A scan will tell us more, but these highly improbable knocks from objects following an erratic orbit between Mars and Jupiter can keep a player out for anything up to two months.

“I really feel for the lad.”

He added, “The potentially calamitous Perseid shower is due in August and we’re hoping he’ll stay indoors for that one.”

Sturridge had returned to fitness after doing his back in while canoeing past the collapsing Larsen B ice shelf – an event that occurs, on average, once every two hundred million years.

Sturridge added, “Gutted.”