Oscar-winning Spotlight stars thank Catholic Church for abusing all those kids

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The cast and crew of Oscar-winning movie Spotlight have thanked the Catholic Church for abusing all of those kids, and making their Oscars dream come true.

After the film about the cover-up of sexual abuse of children by members of the catholic church won Best Picture, those involved in its production were keen to thank those who made it possible.

Producer Michael Sugar told the audience, “Wow, this is amazing. I’d just like to thank the incredible cast and crew for all their hard work on this movie, and say a special thanks to all those kiddy-fiddling priests, without whom this magical evening wouldn’t have been possible.

“If all those priests hadn’t abused so many children, so systematically and over so many years, and then tried so very hard to cover it up, we wouldn’t be stood here on this stage in our posh frocks holding this statuette.

“Who knew that so many disgusting adults could lead to such a fun evening – and we haven’t even got to the after-party yet.

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“So to those of you still hiding in Rome in the hope this all goes away, this award goes out to you – thank you!”