News outlets give up search for pre-watershed Frank Kelly clips

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Finding clips of the late Frank Kelly has proved to be a feckin’ pain in the arse.

Frank Kelly, most famous for playing the drunken Father Jack in sitcom Father Ted, passed away over the weekend in the latest proof that 2016 is out to kill all the people that shone a little light into your otherwise murky life.

“And we can’t find one useable clip,” sighed Simon Williams, head of news.

“Everything is ‘feck, drink, arse, girls’, which is exactly how life should be and often exactly how life is around my house, but it’s not really something we can broadcast just after Pointless.

“It’s testament to Frank’s dedication to the character that he was so utterly, hilariously repugnant that we can’t even feature him in a program that also contains quite a lot of Donald Trump.

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“We’ve got one or two interviews of him as himself but we want people to actually KNOW who has died, otherwise they might just think it’s the producer’s grandad or something.

“It’s partly Mr. Kelly’s fault for playing the role of a hideous drunk so well as to be unrecognisable, the talented fecker.”