Leonardo DiCaprio finally good enough at playing make-believe

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Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won an Oscar after some people decided he was good at enough at playing make-believe.

His Best Make Believer Oscar was awarded for his role in The Revenant, after several years of not being quite good enough at playing make-believe.

At a lavish ceremony in Hollywood experts also celebrated those people who pretend to be other people by dressing up, changing their hairstyle and sometimes doing an accent.

Upon receiving his Oscar, DiCaprio told the audience, “I have dedicated my life to playing make-believe, and I’m delighted you finally think I’m good enough at it.”

“I’ve done serious make-believe, silly make-believe, rich person make-believe, but finally you thought my fighting bears make-believe was the best of all of the make believers this year.”

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“Thanks for that.”

Experts have claimed this year’s winners are probably the best for at least twelve months, with Vanity Fair correspondent Simon Williams saying, “I find it difficult to comprehend how grown men and women can be so incredibly good at playing that game I used to play when I was seven.”