Man fails to change opinion despite being called ‘stupid’ on the Internet

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A man has declined to change his opinion despite being called stupid several times on the Internet this morning.

The man, who claimed to sincerely believe his utterly pathetic ideas about Global finance and M2 monetary theory, was repeatedly informed he was both stupid and a twat but inexplicably was not won around.

Further debate indicated the man was unwilling to change his voting intentions at the next election despite considerable effort being put in to abuse him until he did.

Professor Simon Williams of the Institute of Dumbo Studies at Kettering Technical College told us that the lack of change was ‘incomprehensible’.

“Research has shown that the only reason someone can possibly disagree with you on the Internet is if they’re stupid, evil or both.

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“And yet the same research shows there are no instances of someone changing their opinion when they’re told so.

“Possibly they haven’t been told often or loudly enough, and we plan to experiment with calling people ‘SCUM!!!’ in 72-pt font until they agree.”