Robert Mugabe, Katie Hopkins and Sepp Blatter all join ‘Out’ campaign

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The worst people in the world continue to join the ‘Out’ campaign ahead of the EU referendum in June.

Robert Mugabe, Katie Hopkins and Sepp Blatter have followed Michael Howard in throwing their weight behind the campaign

“Obviously, it’s a tremendous thrill to have these fine people with us,” said Michael Gove from the ‘Out’ campaign’s secret base under a volcano somewhere in a British Tax Haven.

“However, we are finding that we now have to give a little more time over to maniacal cackling at the start of each meeting.”

The ‘Out’ campaign is expected to grow over the coming days with Donald Trump, Bashir Al-Assad and Bill Cosby all expected to announce their support.

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The coming weeks should see Rupert Murdoch, the BMW drivers club, Justin Bieber, John Terry, Sarah Palin, Kylo Ren and people who don’t adhere to the ‘ten items or less’ sign in supermarkets all join the campaign.

David Cameron confessed to being troubled by the supporters of the ‘Out’ campaign.

“That’s pretty much our entire Christmas card list,” he said wistfully.

“Is it too late to throw in with them? Or at least join them in the pub after their meetings?”