Ivor the Engine retires to National Railway Museum

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Ivor the Engine made his last trip north today to become a permanent display at the National Railway Museum.

The iconic locomotive served the top left hand corner of Wales for many years, and set a Llantisilly – Merioneth speed record of 8mph which many experts believe is unlikely to be broken.

The East Coast line was lined with traction enthusiasts keen to get a look at Ivor as he trundled to York from refurbishment workshops in London.

The refurbishment was needed after Ivor’s boiler was damaged after many years being powered by dragons.

“Ivor is an indelible part of British rail history, but his time came to an end when using dragons fell foul of health and safety regulations,” we were told.

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“They tried using Alice the Elephant for power, but sadly it wasn’t to be as using both pachyderms and fire-breathing lizards as motive forces was on the way out.”

Ivor was pulling coaches full of hipsters who had paid massively over the odds for the chance to experience a repackaged part of their childhood.

Ivor will be joined at the museum by his less-famous friend The Flying Scotsman, who is also lovely and you should probably go and see.

When asked, Ivor said “Pa-parp parp. Parp”, which was taken to mean he will miss singing in the choir.