Tramp to be buried naked after Jeremy Corbyn acquires new suit

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has acquired a new suit for Prime Minister’s Questions, leading to a dead tramp being buried naked.

The suit, which is seen as a ‘significant’ sartorial improvement to the prominent socialist, is reported to have spent several years on Savile Row, mostly under a pile of cardboard boxes.

The Labour Party feel the suit is a ‘great match’ for Jeremy’s policies, as both date from the 1970s.

“Jeremy realises he’s got to sharpen up his image,” Labour style guru Simon Williams told us.

“He doesn’t want a repeat of that Michael Foot donkey jacket incident.

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“So when the suit became available he jumped at it. He says there’s plenty of wear in it yet and it’ll be fine with a bit of a brush.

“Plus there’s a half bottle of meths in the pocket which should help when meeting trades-union representatives.”

The new ensemble is reported to need a pair of shoes, but it is hoped that problem will be solved by fishing in the canal.