Plans for 250ft Margaret Thatcher statue backed by pigeons

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Plans by the Kent University Conservative Association (KUCA) to erect a 250ft iron statue of Margaret Thatcher have received enthusiastic support from local pigeons.

It is hoped that the statue of Margaret Thatcher, who died in 2013 after an 87-year battle with dementia, will attract pigeons from all over the country.

“Pigeons have long been considered a pest by many people,” said local pigeon Simon Williams.

“I think the subject of the statue combined with our strong inclination to shit on things will help us to become one of the most revered creatures in the British Isles.”

It’s not just pigeons who have expressed backing for the idea, with KUCA chairman Emilio Kyprianou revealing that they have been inundated with support.

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“In these times of austerity, when people are feeling immense pressure and uncertainty, I think it’s a great idea,” said one enthusiastic non-pigeon.

“What better way is there to lift everyone’s spirits other than the sight of Margaret Thatcher covered in pigeon shit.”