BBC to follow Dickensian with DickEmerysan

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The BBC have announced that the follow up to their hit show Dickensian will be the similarly themed DickEmerysan.

“It was always the plan to follow up with DickEmerysan,” said writer Peter Scales.

Dickensian featured an imagined London populated by characters from all of Charles Dickens’ great works, DickEmerysan will populate an imagined London with Dick Emery’s characters.

“It worked because the strength of Dickens’ characters transcended the contrived, somewhat theme-park nature of the premise,” continued Mr Scales.

“We’re confident that Dick emery’s characters contain a similar strength that will allow them to work together in a similar premise.”

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It will begin with the dying words of local flirt Mandy.

“We see Mandy stricken, and hear her say ‘Ooo, you are awful, but I like-‘ and she dies before she can finish and crucially, before we can see who she is saying it to.”

The mystery of who killed Mandy is the central thread of the story. After local police fail to solve the crime, Emery’s officious traffic warden takes up the investigation with help from aging motor ace Lampwick and non-threatening homosexual Clarence.

Early suspicion falls on Screwsby the Bovver Boy but, like Dickensian, many twists are expected before the true killer is revealed.

DickEmerysan will begin next Christmas and, much like Dickensian, is expected to go on for the rest of your life.