Rav at FoneZone in Streatham offers to unlock killer’s iPhone for FBI

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Rav, an employee of FoneZone on Streatham High Road has offered to unlock the San Bernardino killer’s phone for the FBI.

“Yeah, I’ll do it for them, bruv” confirmed Rav.

“Thirty quid, forty if it’s a rush job. If the screen’s got cracked in the shoot-out, it was a shoot-out, right? Well, I can do that for another fifteen.”

The offer should come as a relief to the FBI who have been locked in a legal and ideological battle with Apple about a Government agency being granted a back door to bypass the security on a smartphone.

A fellow employee confirmed that the FBI’s worries were over.

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“Oh yeah, Rav’s proper wicked with phones,” said fellow employee Simon Williams.

“I wish I was that good with phones, but this one time, right, I tried to unlock an S6 Edge, but I knacked it and now Mr Gatpliski says I ain’t allowed to touch the phones unless I’m dusting them and then I’ve got to be proper careful but Rav, right? Rav knows loads so, yeah, I rackon he could unlock that phone, no bother.”

FoneZone have also made a formal offer to buy the iPhone for £60, £40 if it’s an iPhone 5.

“I’d give you more bruv, but the demand just ain’t there,” concluded Rav.