World stunned as KFC meal discovered to contain actual chicken

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A meal sold by KFC in Australia actually had some chicken in it, the nation has been stunned to learn today.

After a KFC Three-piece box was found to contain chicken giblets including lung and entrails, customers said they were surprised and delighted to discover it contained any actual chicken at all.

Most customers had believed the meal was made of lightly battered and salted damp cardboard, with the word ‘chicken’ included just for decoration.

“You could have knocked me down with a feather,” said shopper Simon Williams coming out of his local KFC.

“The fact that KFC meals contain meat from anything which wasn’t killed by traffic on the A635 considerably exceeds my expectations.

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“And as for their chicken breast slices, I thought they were just bits of that thick pink scouring cloth you use for cleaning the bath with a different label.”

KFC apologised for a ‘shocking lapse in the standards our customers have come to expect’, and hastened to reassure people that their 100% popcorn chicken pieces are still made of shaved hamsters.