Queen thinks Crossrail is for her sole personal use

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The Queen is now under the impression that she has a series of tunnels under the capital for her exclusive use, after a mix-up during the Crossrail naming ceremony.

The mistake happened after someone decided Boris Johnson should be involved in the ceremony inside Bond Street station, and now nobody has the nerve to correct the aging monarch’s mistaken assumption.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, who was also at the event, said it might just be easier for all concerned just to let her have it.

He told reporters, “Look, I certainly don’t want to tell her it’s not actually her private tunnel out of London – she was going on about carpet and wallpaper options as they left.

“Maybe we could just build another one for the rest of us to use?”

The Queen was said to be excited at the prospect of not having to mingle with the public when she needs to head out to Windsor castle for the weekend.

McLoughlin went on, “Plus she said Philip wanted somewhere more appropriate to host the Chinese next time they visit, and a tunnel sounded perfect.”

London Mayor Boris Johnson said, “Wait, you mean it’s not just for the Queen’s private use?”