Lecture on meaning of ‘well-regulated militia’ interrupted by gunfire

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A US lecture on the meaning and intention of the phrase ‘the right to bear arms as part of a well-regulated militia’  has been interrupted by the increasingly familiar sounds of gunfire.

Students in an American city were left fearing for their lives during the incident, but thankfully no one was hurt as the students wrestled the gunman to the ground.

“It is my right as an American to carry and discharge my weapon as I see fit,” the gunman was heard to shout as he was restrained by students.

“Actually, according to the 2nd amendment, you are only able to carry a firearm as part of a well-regulated militia,” countered a student.

“Ah, but the meaning and intention of that phrase is unclear and it is popularly supposed that the framers of the constitution believed a militia to be any adult male eligible for military service,” argued the gunman, struggling to break free.

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“Well, if you hadn’t shot up our lecture then we’d be a lot clearer on the meaning of the phrase, wouldn’t we, you douche-bag, whatever that is,” shouted the student as the gunman was led away by police.

The NRA were quick to comment on the incident.

“We’re incredibly rich, and we’ll do what we like,” said CEO Wayne LaPierre,

In other news, a lecture on irony was interrupted by a woman wielding a large piece of steel.