Leading Brexit campaigners coincidentally a shower of c*nts

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The politicians most keen to leave the EU just so happen to be a nest of fucking c*nts, according to a statistical analysis.

As George Galloway teamed up alongside Brexit campaigners Nigel Farage and Iain Duncan Smith, a massive c*nt-shaped penny began to drop amongst the wider British public.

Statistician Simon Williams said, “On any political issue we would, on average, expect to find a smattering of c*nts spouting forth their c*ntish opinions.

“However if we take a standard normal distribution with the desire to leave the EU plotted on the y-axis and the number of people who think thirty million Bulgarian rapists are coming here to work in B&Q on the x-axis, we notice a standard deviation of 0.375 from the mean.

“For example: Michael Gove – c*nt .

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“Rupert Murdoch – c*nt.

“Iain Duncan Smith – absolute c*nt of the highest order.

“Boris Johnson – likeable, but still a cunt.

Williams added, “Let us be clear: wanting to leave the EU alone does not make you a c*nt – not one bit – but there is a higher correlation between wanting to deprive people of their basic rights and being one.”

Meanwhile the c*nt-strewn Brexit campaign received a boost as Shrewsbury MP, Daniel Kawczynski, is set to join.

Williams added, “The jury is still out on whether Mr Kawczynski is a c*nt but our initial analysis suggests he’s more of a wankstain.”