EU exit could make UK more vulnerable to Iain Duncan Smith-style attacks

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Leaving the EU will make the UK even more vulnerable to Iain Duncan Smith-style terror attacks, disability rights campaigners have warned.

The work and pensions secretary has carried out several attacks on UK citizens since 2010, and campaigners claim that an EU exit will make it even harder to stop his campaign of terror.

“Radical fundamentalists like Iain Duncan Smith masquerading as normal people is a real danger,” said disability rights campaigner Simon Williams.

“Unless we can take back control of our constituency borders then the likelihood is that he will continue to lift people out of poverty and into mortuaries.

“Right now we have some protection from the EU, but without that protection fundamentalists like Iain Duncan-Smith could implement their own version of ‘human rights’ law which would support their own twisted ideology.

“They could then do whatever they wanted, to whoever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Just imagine a nation controlled by a radical conservative fundamentalist, it would be horrific.

“God help us all.”