New EU ‘Shake it all about’ campaign group emerges

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A new ‘Shake it all about’ campaign group has been formed to oppose both the ‘In’ and the ‘Out’ campaign in the run up to the forthcoming EU election.

The group, started by one Simon Williams – a carpet-stainer from Chelmsford – claims to offer a real alternative to the other campaigns.

“There is extensive polling that shows a sizable portion of the British public have moved on from simple ‘In’ or ‘Out’ and are now ready to ‘Shake it all about’,” said Mr Williams

“We aim to represent these people.”

There is speculation that some high-profile names will gravitate towards the group in the next day or so with Wee Jimmy Krankie, the bloke who does the cheese counter in the local Spar, and someone called Tim Farron, all openly flirting with shaking it all about.

For a brief while, it even looked like the ‘Shake it all about’ campaign would attract Boris Johnson, but it was not to be.

“Mr Johnson has examined his conscience,” said a representative from the Johnson camp.

“And has come to the conclusion that he is more likely to be the next Prime Minister if he doesn’t join ‘shake it all about’.”

It is expected that the coming weeks will see the emergence of both a ‘turn around’ campaign, and an all-encompassing ‘do the hokey-kokey’ campaign.

Which is what it’s all about.