Cameron demands full access to Amazon Prime despite only signing up for Freeview

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Prime Minister David Cameron is insisting on the full benefits of an Amazon Prime account after signing up for a Freeview box.

The Tory leader is said to be ‘furious’ that the cheap Freeview box he picked up at Argos fails to grant him “special status” for downloads and music streaming.

Cameron has sought a better deal for himself and his family after being subjected to repeated airings of Police Interceptors on Dave.

Negotiations have dragged on for forty-eight hours after staff at Amazon’s Mumbai-based call centre refused to cave into his demands.

Cameron is seeking a deal that offers him ‘the best of both worlds’, meaning access to the latest Hollywood blockbusters, with the option to watch vintage Bullseye repeats on Challenge.

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Cameron said, “There’s an obstinate call centre operative called Raj who has offered me a three month trial period, but I think we can do better than that.”

Meanwhile UKIP leader Nigel Farage was having none of it.

“Everyone knows Britons contribute £80 a year per household to enjoy unlimited access to Amazon Prime services and that’s before you’ve forked out for a Firestick.

“The Prime Minister’s deal will not prevent Bulgarian rapists coming here to watch groundbreaking shows like Borgen and The Bridge before they expire.”

Call Centre Operative Raj added, “Mr Cameron has just threatened to speak to my manager so a deal is still some way off.”