Man named Jeremy C*nt sick of being associated with Jeremy Hunt

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Chelmsford dentist Jeremy C*nt has called on people to stop invoking his name in comparison to health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

“If I hear one more so-called comedian say ‘Jeremy Hunt? Jeremy C*nt, more like,’ then I’m going to scream.

“It’s bad enough that I was born into a surname of ‘C*nt,’ but for people to keep comparing me to that Hunt character really is the limit.”

It is estimated that at any one moment in the UK, at least fifty people are claiming that Jeremy Hunt should actually be called Jeremy C*nt.

“It’s hurtful,” continued Mr C*nt.

“Despite my name, I’m a nice man. I help people with their teeth, I give to charity, I organise my little girl’s football team.

“I even support the junior doctors.

“So I don’t see why people think it’s alright to drag me and my surname, which despite the unfortunate connotation is actually a proud Scandinavian name, down to the level of Jeremy Hunt.”

Mr C*nt even has a suggestion on how to deal with the situation.

“What I’d suggest is that people wait until I do something really bad, like demonise a load of people who want to keep society healthy, and then you could go ‘Jeremy C*nt? Jeremy Hunt more like, and we could all have a big laugh and go home.

“And it’s pronounced Koon-te.”