Donald Trump criticises Pope’s track record in hotel construction

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Donald Trump has questioned the Pope’s ability as Chief Executive of the Catholic church over the lack of gaudy hotels built on property they own.

Trump was asked about the Pope’s leadership style during a campaign rally, and was quick to offer some words of wisdom for the Pontiff.

He told reporters, “He calls himself a great leader of people, yet where are his hotels?

“The Vatican is a multi-billion dollar organisation and they don’t have a single golf resort or casino – what sort of amateur hour is he running over there?

“Call himself a businessman? Real businessmen build hotels, not relationships.”

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The Vatican was quick to respond to the criticism from Trump, explaining that the church has many diversified investments, with yields typically following stock market performance.

Upon hearing the response, Trump went on, “Ha! He’s letting all that money sit there in index-linked investments? What an idiot.

“I mean, yes, technically if I’d done the same with all the money my Daddy left me, then I’d be worth about double what I am today, but then you wouldn’t know who I am, so my way was definitely better.

“Now you can all worship at the Church of Trump.”