Morons who think 5p carrier bag charge is illegal urged to take it to court

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People who keep sharing an image on Facebook implying that the 5p carrier bag charge is illegal, have been urged to spare no expense in bringing the case to the High Court.

A letter to a newspaper about the 5p charge being illegal is currently circulating on Facebook, despite apparently being written by someone with as strong a grasp of English law as your average toddler.

Facebook user Simon Williams told us, “The letter says very clearly that the 5p charge is illegal, because it’s basically advertising, and advertising is illegal or something – which is an excellent point when you think about it, and it must be true because I saw it in a photo on Facebook.

“And the photo wasn’t even made up, it’s of a letter printed in an actual newspaper, so that makes it doubly true.”

Williams and his friends who also shared the image have been encouraged to find a solicitor, hire a barrister, and sell everything they own to fund the legal battle.

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As one Facebook user told us, “I know Simon personally, and all I can say is that if he were to spend every penny he owns on this imbecilic crusade, it still wouldn’t be the most moronic thing he’s ever done.

“I’ve seen some of his tattoos.”