Dolphin murdered by vacuous c*nts

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A dolphin has been killed after a gang of morons plucked it from the sea and passed it round like a soft toy.

Tourists at the beach resort at Santa Teresita in Argentina all gathered around the terrified, dying animal in order to take selfies with it in a huge, grinning representation of the utterly shite level to which humanity has sunk.

“It was brilliant,” beamed utter cunt, Simon Williams, “I’ve never had a selfie with a fish before. It was a right laugh.

“I mean, admittedly it was less fun when the thing started going all limp, but then we all just kind of sighed in disappointment, dropped it on the ground and then went to do other things, like drinking.

“Some of the children were sad, because they didn’t get a photo with the dolphin before it died.

“It would have been better if there were more dolphins that day, but apparently this type of dolphin are endangered or something; more so now, I suppose.”

Argentine lawmaker, Elizabeth King, said “In cases like this, we usually look at issuing a fine.

“But frankly we’re a little bored of this happening by now, so we will be employing ‘poetic justice’ by drowning the fucking lot of them.”