US Supreme Court Justice Scalia dies fifty years after his worldview

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US Supreme Court Justice Scalia has died, more than fifty years after the world he lived in.

Family members said that he died peacefully in his sleep, still blissfully unaware it was no longer 1963.

Scalia was a sometimes controversial figure, especially amongst people possessing a calendar dated after 1978.

He was an outspoken critic of the idea that other people might know how to live their own lives, and as a member of the Supreme Court, Scalia staunchly defended the United States against its deadliest enemies, such as women and homosexuals.

His death leaves a gap in the Supreme Court, and gives President Obama one of the greatest trolling opportunities of his career.

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Republicans in the US Senate have already rather desperately insisted that a President with a quarter of his term still to go has no authority to start making appointments, leading to Obama to adopt the special serious and caring face he saves for when he’s really going to go to town.