Man says ‘back in the day’ like he’s totally hip hop

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Chelmsford man Simon Williams used the phrase ‘back in the day’ yesterday which, accompanied by a slightly wistful look, gave the air of a veteran rapper who has had a troubled yet glamorous life.

Mr Williams used the phrase at Hadley and Kemp finances, where he works as a billing processor.

“It was amazing,” said colleague Lizzie Heaton.

“He was telling us about what it used to be like working here twenty years ago and he just went ‘back in the day,’ just like that.

“I thought he sounded well cool, like Schooly-D or Grandmaster Flash, you know? Really, really hip-hop.”

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Mr Williams revealed that he had been planning to use the phrase for a while, but had been waiting for the perfect opportunity.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to just say ‘a few years ago’ or ‘when I was younger’ like I’m some sort of square, so I thought I’d go ‘back in the day,’ and see how it works out.”

He was pleased with the result, declaring it ‘fresh’.

He also revealed that he had plans to use the phrase ‘can I get,’ instead of ‘please may I have,’ in the canteen next week to consolidate his new completely hip-hop status.