Paul O’Grady still here

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Television funny man Paul O’Grady is still here, a year after promising to leave the country if the Conservatives won.

The creator of Lily Savage said he would emigrate to Venice in the event of a Tory victory, leading to a last minute swing to the Conservatives of almost 6%.

O’Grady’s failure to fulfil pre-election pledges has been described as bitterly disappointing, with voters left justifiably outraged at his failure to abide by basic commitments.

O’Grady’s behaviour is described as typical of people making wild promises in a bid to get votes and then forgetting them the day after the election.

A petition has been launched to ask parliament to investigate the broken promise, and to force O’Grady to stand by his word.

Simon Williams, speaking for the Electoral Commission, told us “The people of Britain voted in their millions for O’Grady to leave, and his failure to live up to his word has left the electorate justifiably angry.

“This is just another instance of the country being promised one thing but getting something else entirely once the votes are counted.

“Maybe he should have carved his pledge into a big lump of rock to help him remember it?”