NewsThump and The Independent to merge

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The Independent newspaper is to cease print operation and merge its online offering with NewsThump, we can announce this afternoon.

The online-only edition will contain the same high-quality journalism and hard-hitting factual pieces, but will now also include content from The Independent.

With a circulation of only just over 50,000, readership of The Independent had fallen behind that of NewsThump over the last year and management at both papers felt a merger was in their interest.

NewsThump staff will continue in their current investigative journalism roles, whilst Independent staffers will make the tea.

NewsThump Managing Editor Simon Williams greeted the move, saying “Since launch, the paper has been a vital source of up to the minute news, views and comment to Britain, and we expect this to remain the case despite the addition of The Independent to our editorial stable.”

“We believe that a digital-only future holds great promise for former Indie staff, and will strive to treat them with respect and dignity during this difficult time.”

“Two sugars, please,” he added.