Friday 12 February 2016 by Spacey

Junior doctors announce review of MPs morale after imposed pay rise

Junior Doctor to check morale of MPs after payrise

After the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority imposed a second pay rise in less than a year on MPs, concerned junior doctors have announced a review into their morale.

With MPs struggling to cope with 48 days off in the summer, 19 days off at Christmas, a 25-day break for conference season and weekends and bank holidays off, junior doctors are worried they will have no choice but to live very comfortably.

“We can’t stop money being given to us,” lamented one MP.

“It’s reaching a point where I may be forced to start buying things I don’t even need.”

MPs have also warned that further increases to their wealth will leave them with difficult decisions to make.

“I’ve had a good look around and there are a number of different investments and tax schemes available,” explained another MP.

“The tough bit is knowing which one of my team of financial advisers I should listen to.

“These are the tough decisions that my constituents just don’t see.”

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