Dynamo revealed as Wizard

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An investigation in to street magician Dynamo has revealed he fakes his elaborate ‘illusions’ and is actually just a powerful wizard.

Millions of fans around the world have been left in awe of his seemingly complex tricks and skilled sleight of hand, only to learn that in fact he’s been using magic all along.

Lead researcher Simon Williams told us, “If you look closely at any footage of his so-called ‘tricks’, it is possible to see how it’s done. ”

“Watch in slow motion and you can see him very cleverly mouthing ‘Izzy Wizzy, Let’s Get Busy’ – after which, shit happens that will blow your mind.

“All this time he’s been letting us think this was the result of a lifetime of practise and study, when in reality he just mouths a few magic words.”

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Williams said he was surprised it took so long to find the evidence of Dynamo being a wizard, as there are well-documented incidents of him using real magic in the past.

First, suspicions were aroused when his football team, fourth-tier Bradford City, got to the League Cup Final in 2013, but his ability to make playing cards tax-exempt has recently given the game away.

Dynamo was unavailable for comment having disappeared in a puff of smoke.