UK Government calls Liverpool board a ‘bunch of pussies’

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The government has called the Liverpool board a ‘bunch of pussies’ after it gave in to people pressure and reduced ticket prices.

Cabinet insiders said the Liverpool board had set a terrible precedent in how to deal with people who rely on you.

As one Government insider explained, “Listening to the concerns of normal people and then actually doing something about it? You never do that. What sort of scam are they trying to pull here?

“You don’t give in just because the plebs are angry. You don’t ever give in to the plebs.

“Every manual ever written on this says you nod earnestly whilst they cry on about whatever it is that bothers them, and then you completely ignore any concerns they have before carrying on doing whatever it is you wanted to do in the first place.

“Look, if a few nasty banners and being called a few names is all it takes for them to change their mind, then I really don’t think they’ve got what it takes to be in a position of power.

“I can’t see how they’ll ever win a second term. That’s how it works in association football, right?”