Everyone pretending to understand physics

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Everyone is suddenly pretending to understand physics, according to reports this afternoon.

After news was released of the discovery of gravitational waves which confirmed a prediction made in the General Theory of relativity, pretty much everyone put on their serious face and nodded to indicate they totally got that.

The discovery caused “substantial shockwaves” in social media with people rushing to show they had the first clue what that actually means.

“This is important because…gravity is important as without it we’d fall off things,” said keen amateur physicist Simon Williams.

“Like, now we know gravity is there we can, um, not fall off the Earth even when we go to Australia, which is upside down,” he added, getting a bit more confident.

“And now we know that gravity comes in waves, like light does. And immigrants.”

Real physicists have been keen to stress that the discovery won’t actually change anything, but there will be a small but detectable increase in the density of the average Facebook post for about the next 24 hours.