Leave EU and Calais migrant ‘jungle’ could relocate to your back garden, says PM

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The Prime Minister stands accused of scaremongering over his claims that leaving the EU would see migrant camps such as the one in Calais spring up in everyone’s back gardens.

“It absolutely is not scaremongering to say that within six weeks of leaving the EU there’ll be six migrant families living in your shed taking it in turns to radicalise the cat,” said David Cameron yesterday

“They’ll turn your swing-ball into a minaret, make everyone wear hijabs – even the men, and demand benefits to go on terrorism courses so they can come back and suicide bomb your conservatory.”

However, the ‘Out’ campaign immediately refuted the claims.

“It’s utter nonsense,” claimed Douglas Carswell, a leading ‘Out’ campaigner

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“If anything, there’ll be less chance of migrants coming here because we won’t be party to all that namby-pamby EU nonsense about having to give them food, shelter and protection and not poking them with sticks.

“Frankly, we could just station a couple of gunboats in the Channel to have at the blighters.

“Have you seen the dinghies they go about on? We could take them, no bother.”

A Calais migrant, asked for his opinion on Great Britain’s position in the EU said he couldn’t care less and could he please have some warm clothes for his daughter.