Channel 4 reconsiders celebrity self-immolation show over safety concerns

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Channel 4 is considering axing its new celebrity self-immolation show ‘Flame’ after several participants were severely injured during training.

The latest victim, Joey Essex from the show about Essex, is said to be burned beyond all recognition after a training exercise went exactly how you would expect it to.

Channel 4 executive Simon Williams told us, “We still believe that the format of Flame is one which the public will love, but as yet we’ve not found a way to ensure there are any contestants left for week two.”

“Joey Essex follows Lee Ryan from Blue and that one that used to be in Coronation Street into the severe burns unit of Chelsea and Westminster hospital, leaving participants a bit thin on the ground.”

Ex-Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis and ex-Eastenders actress Danniella Westbrook have both been asked to take part in the show, and are said to be considering offers.

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Davis’ agent explained, “It’s a fairly lucrative offer for such a small amount of work, and I’m sure there are millions of viewers out there who’d tune in to watch Stephanie set fire to herself on live television – but you have to wonder what her career options will be afterwards?”

“I’m not saying that after you take away her looks there’s absolutely nothing of any value left behind, but I need something to work with, you know?”

Channel 4 confirmed that at the current time Flame is still scheduled to be screened in the spring.

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